Monday, May 31, 2010

Sod n' Roll!

Tommy and I have started the growing process of our shiny, new sod this weekend. We received a number of compliments from passing by neighbors, seeing that our big yard transformation only makes their neighborhood that much better. It doesn't hurt that their encouraging words help us to keep moving along in these Blooming projects of ours as we know we're taking on a lot at once.

As you may have read in the previous post about the yard project, we began with hiring out our BobCat man from Lawn-n-Order to get us on the right foot. The sod, all 66 rolls of it was delivered and nicely stacked at the foot of our driveway at 9 AM as promised. We jumped into the project prepping the yard by leveling it with two rakes, a shovel, a bag of fertilizer and two very anxious new homeowners. We had asked a number of friends to help us lay the sod and in return we promised all the food and beverages they could ask for knowing it was going to be a hot day, and not to mention a holiday weekend for such requests.

So after shifting the soil around enough to even out any pockets, we were instructed to spread fertilizer with our brand new seed spreader! How dorky are we, proud owners of a new seed spreader. We're feeling more and more like home-owning adults as each project comes and goes.

And then it was time for a drink, well the sod that is. 
It was too early for summer cocktails. Or was it?

Before finishing up the last roll Tommy's dad discovered a pesky 'lump' in the ground. After a bit of digging into the issue, literally, we not only uncovered a lonely and HUGE tree root left over from an Elm tree that had to be removed years ago due to Dutch Elm's Disease, but we also found the remnants of poured cement that held up a once used laundry line post. Any experienced homeowner would know that they both had to be removed for two reasons because it was causing a funny looking lump in our yard, but more importantly the root would possibly rot out and cause mushrooms to grow some day. So in came the man artillery saw zaw and out came the stragglers! We're very happy and extremely thankful for our experienced home-owning parents to call upon when in need, rain or 90 degree weather, 328 or just 2 miles away, they come through for us every time.

We're also very thankful that A) the friends we have that agreed to help and B) the task of laying sod really only took us under 45 minutes and we had all the food and beverages to enjoy as Tommy and I just stared in awe at our instant lawn. What a difference!

 Can you believe that we had two exsisting trees in there somewhere? They were so buried in there, that you couldn't even see them!


The best part about the sod is not just that we now have a yard, but it's kinda become our baby. We're really not that in love with the grass, (or enough to admit it) but we can not stress enough how much of a difference it has already made for our new home. We were given strict orders on how to love it, and take care of it.

Water, water and more water.

So this morning, waking up to the thought of our brand new 'baby' outside, (yes, I'm that excited about it!)  I had a little moment to myself were I just laughed because I wanted to turn over to Tommy and say "It's your turn to feed the baby." Oh, it starts...

We hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend!

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