Monday, June 28, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air

As most of you know, or from what you have been reading, we have been busy little bloggers since this past January. And can you believe it? It's the end of June already! With summer kicking in full gear, we were so lucky to have purchased our own season tickets with all the other fellow Twins fans out there in the new stadium this year. I have to admit, or most of you already know, I'm not the sports fanatic of The Blooming House. In fact, Tommy likes to test my athletic knowledge from time to time to get a good snicker. But what I do know is how to enjoy a good ball game. And with the new stadium, it's a perfect get-away from our project list back home. Our new and improved "home-away-from-home" if you will. Plus, our house doesn't have quite the view that Target Field has to offer.

Being a Milwaukee gal myself, I was very hesitant on this whole outdoor stadium idea. Whenever I had the chance to visit the Brewers at Miller park back home, and the sky was looking a little angry, it was no matter! In comes the stadium's retractable roof and out stays the rainy, chilly games. So when I heard all the hoopla (man, I sound like an old lady) about the new stadium, I decided to play the role of the experienced baseball goer that I'll never be and laugh and think, 'Wait 'till it's raining! And don't you forget how cold it still is in those early and late baseball season games!'

But after my first game at Target Field, I realized just what those true Minnesotans were hollering about. It truly is a great experience sitting outside and watching the game in perfect weather. I haven't sat at one of those torrential downpour games yet, but man it's quite the stadium! See for yourself!

I want to share with all of our distant followers out there (or for any locals that haven't been yet) just how beautiful the stadium really is. It was taken earlier in the season, but still so beautiful and worth sharing.

Again, I'm not one to speak out about 'the thrill of the game', but like I said, after seeing it and enjoying a nice night out it's totally worth it! Standby on the next rainy game, and then we'll see how I'm really feeling about this new stadium of ours.)

But for now... Go Twins!

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  1. I just had to share this email from my mother regarding this post. She may not blog or comment on our blog for that matter, but she sure is a funny gal-

    "Ya might have a way cooler sky line than us cheese header, hey der hey, way down here, say hey, in Mil-wau-key, buts we gots us a better club.

    We beats youse guys in this last series, 3/zip. Ya got chat? Like as in 3 ta notink, nadda winners in yer corner, pal!

    Ha, hatcha say now? Wheres that purty little view getcha when its comes down to da BIG nmberrs on da score board, Mr. Hokey TC Bear mascot? By the by, we gots us a reaally super cool one- a German dressed up sausage Brewer player, so there too!

    Anywho, liked the pixs, but I gots one up on ya- I went to ds Milw/Twins game live!!! We WON!!!"
    -My sports lovin', Milwaukee livin', loving Mother

    Thanks Mom for the "kind words"... and no, that's not how she really talks.