Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Thrill of the Hunt

With a new home comes new projects, but what I like to think is with Craigstlist comes new treasures for that new home at a steal of a deal!

After Tommy and his brother ripped down the upper cabinets above the pass through window in the kitchen, we had noticed the significant loss in bar glass and cookbook space that we once had.   

When we first walked through the house in hopes to put an offer on the now Blooming House, we noticed the previous owners had owned and displayed a corner hutch that fit perfectly in the left corner as you entered the dining room. So my challenge, as I choose to accept it, was to hunt down the perfect corner hutch for that very same spot. We didn't have too many requirement, just something tall enough, a corner formation to save on dining room space, not too wide (since there is a nice big window just to the right of it) and possibly equipped with doors on top and bottom to hide anything we really don't feel like keeping organized. Our plan was to find an oldie, but a goodie and spruce 'er up!      

Mission accomplished! After a few post replies that I was "Too late, it's sold." or the location was just too far for us to truck out to, we found our hutch. And bonus! It had display lighting already installed in two out the three shelves along with glass-pane doors up top to display something more organized and worth showing, while hiding away the disorganization down below, just as we had hoped.

Our plan of attack is to paint it a nice rich black. (I know most people might think, 'why paint the  existing wood') The wood and stain is in really great shape, but our intent is for it to not only standout but to mimic our already owned dining room set. The table and chairs we had bought when we first moved in together has a nice dark brown finish to the tabletop, but that very same rich black we're going for is found on the legs and chairs. I was also thinking of finding some really unique and small of course knobs to replace the simple existing woods ones up top and down below.

We're still unsure about what color to go with for the dining room walls, but we think this new hutch will look great with it. If you care to look real close, but not too close since we chose not to use the taping method since the walls will be needing painters tape then, we have already tackled the chair rail to match our newly painted kitchen cabinets just on the other side of the dining room walls. Once we finish up the base boards in the same white and nail down the right wall color, we'll have the woodwork all ready to go. We even have some framed art to bring into the room, stay tuned!

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