Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blooming House: The Dirty Edition

A couple weeks ago we had our shiny, new granite installed and as you all know, by orders of the man of the house, we are waiting to show the big reveal. But, I thought I'd share some of the hardship that came along with those new counter tops of ours.

Here the boys are putting our pass through window to good use for the first time!

The sink had to be removed along with what's last of the yellow from the kitchen before the granite guys came over the next day. What we didn't realize was that huge yellow sink was huge and HEAVY since it was made of cast iron.

Three Greenbergs later the yellow beast was removed up and outta there! But it wasn't a total waste since someone out there there in alley-collecting-land is the proud owner of a free, and oh-so yellow cast iron sink.

Wondering what the connection is to the headline of this post yet? Now onto the smut of the post...

Easy now, the Blooming House is a PG blog only! Since the sink and faucet had to be removed for our new under-mount sink we had to disconnect the plumbing above and below. This also included the plumbing to our brand new dishwasher. Yup, new and still unused. Just there to taunt us while the dishes pile away. I feel like we have hit an all time low with the pile of dishes we're forced to contribute to. We're waiting on a part for our faucet to arrive in the mail, so in the meantime it's been getting pretty bad on dish duty. (I'll spare you the images of a couple weeks worth of dishes sitting on our beautiful counter tops, just dirtying it up!)

But tonight was the night of all nights! While the boys have been slaving away at installing our new garage door opener (we knew it had to be done at closing day back in January) I have decided to tackle Mount McDirty.

As I have said before, we are a PG rated blog, but I am advised to warn how dirty the following images you are about to see. We're talking Dishes Gone Wild!

I had no choice, but to clean them in... yes, folks, the bath tub! 
Oh the horror! Please don't judge, it had to be done.

By the end of the night, we're back to dish #1 in hopes that by tomorrow that new part will arrive and we'll be a dirty-dish free household again! And I'll be waiting by the mailbox like a kid waiting for Santa to deliver presents on Christmas Eve.

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  1. you are so funny, i love that you washed your dishes in the bathtub. i can't wait for the big reveal!