Monday, February 8, 2010

Concuring the beast... our lovely exsisting wallpaper

 Here's what we're dealing with folks.

Mission: rip and shred the peach wallpaper in the front foyer,
the upstairs walkway and the entire upstairs hallway.

So I have no experience in pulling this stuff down, but I had a number of secrets and suggestions revealed to me: "warm water and fabric softener in a spray bottle," a steamer, a number of household products, scrapers, scoring tools and the list goes on, but the final outcome was, drum roll please: The Wagner Power Steamer. I only wish that that it had a fancy name like The Excalibur 500 or Nimbus 2000. No matter, it did the job and I discovered my secret addiction to pulling down wall paper.

Starting off, I was ever so nicely provided with a magical box-o-tools to cover the job from my Aunt and Uncle, including the steamer. As directed I scored the walls with something that is called a Tiger Paw to create tiny holes or pockets for the moisture to sneak in and bubble the paper away from the walls. I went ahead and tried the fabric softener and water spray, but the steamer alone really did all the work. After one full episode of background noise of American Idol and some other show I'm not familiar with, I found myself past the front foyer and to the upstairs landing. I couldn't stop myself and surprised Tommy with my accomplishments once he walked through the door about 2 hours later. Two days after, I finished the entire hallway after work. Piece of cake. Messy, but cake.

My advice to you, get a steamer or make friends with someone that has one of their own.

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