Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bringin' down the house

Here we are pulling all the kitchen cabinets down so that they can be scrubbed clean, sanded and eventually painted a nice clean white. We have yet to decide on the new hardware that will top it all off.

We really liked the simple bevel detail that they have. We didn't want to completely tear the cabinets down because with the thought that they won't look as outdated as they do right now once we paint them.

We filled a freezer bag of all the hardware after removing all 19 cabinet and pantry doors. It was definitely a LOT of hardware once it all came down, but we're happy to see it go. I think we will continue to use that phrase as there is plenty of this house "to go" to make it our own. Ah, we couldn't be happier!

We still have the drawers to remove, but we'll keep that until the last minute. We have more than enough to work with for now. Man our tile floor is so very....uh, vintage.

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