Sunday, July 4, 2010

Baby Got 'Black'!

We have a new piece of furniture to reveal to you all that we have become quite attached to. Do you remember the corner hutch find off of Craigslist awhile back? Well, after a night with a roller and a small can of black paint we now are the proud owners of a brand new hutch! Or at least we think it looks the part.

We removed all the outdated, wooden knobs as well as all the hinges off the doors and the inset window panes to paint everything from top to bottom.

How many cabinets can one paint, honestly!

But just like the end result of our newly painted kitchen cabinets, we have a newly painted corner hutch to love just as much! (Oops! Looks like you're getting a sneak peak of what I like to call our "Robin's Egg Blue" paint choice for our dining room to the right of it.

And after a number of treks to multiple hardware stores to find the correct hinge in a brushed nickel, we came to the conclusion that the hinges were too old to find replacements (and the brass wasn't doing it for us). So our solution: use the very same paint we bought for the hutch on the hardware itself. We like to think it now draws less attention to the hard-to-find (and replace) hinges and showcase the beautiful new door knobs.

The true showcase of this piece I think, is the stylish new coat of black, satin paint and it's brand new bling, er, brushed nickle knobs that I fell in love with at Home Depot coming in at a whopping $2.95 each! Somebody, Ring. That. Bell!

And for the moment you've been waiting for (I'm sure) ...


So starting with a $90 dollar steal off Craigslist, a night in with a roller and an inexpensive quart size can of paint with new hardware, it came out looking like a million bucks!

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