Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here Comes the Welcome Wagon!

Tommy and I have been extremely anxious for the warm weather to stick around for two main reasons: 1) so that we can see what kind of house and yard we got ourselves into after all the snow has disappeared and 2) we're hoping the neighbors will soon be creeping out from their winter dens that they have been hibernating in so we can finally introduce ourselves. It's always a little strange to do a meet and greet at 6:50 in the morning as we're scraping our cars before work. So far we have discovered a close friend of my Minnesota family lives across the street and I myself, have found out the neighbor's dog's names without evening knowing the owner's names. Shocking, I know. But last night before my first attempt (and very successful I might add) at a traditional Irish dinner, we had unexpected visitors stop in at The Blooming House.

("To Our New Neighbors!")

 We were pleasantly welcomed to the neighborhood by one of our many new neighbors. They came fully equip with booze, caffeine and assorted chocolates as a friendly 'hello'. What a wonderful gesture and we discovered real fast that these are our kind of people! Not to mention they have a dog named "Brody" that I 'm sure I'll become good buddies with in no time.

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