Saturday, March 13, 2010

Down an' Dirty

As our appliances are ordered and in route, we got a bit of a kick in the pants on getting the dirty work done before they arrive. So the first beast to tackle was removing the rancid sitting water in the dishwasher that had been there since we moved in. Yes, we recognize that this is probably too much information to share, but to give you a little background, we bought the house fully aware that the dishwasher was broken. Since we were plotting out our kitchen makeover a little sitting water was no matter to us until the new appliances were brought in. We vowed to NEVER open it to to keep us from experiencing the lovely fumes coming from it. Out of site, out of mind, right? Well, that day has come.

As you can see here, I let Tommy take care of the dirty work as I just took pictures of it from a distance, gas mask an' all!

 Since I was already masked up, why not sand more cabinets, right? 

No cabinet too big. Just me and my sander!

Ok, let's be real, I could use a break too. But only a week or so to go!!!

And since we're on the topic of kitchen cabinets, I think it's time to address the huge white, er, I mean YELLOW elephant in the kitchen. Yes, it is time to part with the spectacular-sixties yellow backsplash. Again, Tommy's brother, Norm came to the rescue with a genius of an instrument that was just right for the job. I have no idea what it's called, but I'd like to name it 'Lauren's Claw', because I clawed my way through that whole wall in probably under an hour total. The project just might top my sheer love of ripping down the wall paper a few weeks back because this time a hammer was involved and there was nothing standing in my way.

Tommy and I have set a new goal. I know, I know... more goals to read about. We would like to have the cabinets completely sanded and painted before the big delivery. I still think this is a bit of a stretch, since we only have a little over a week, but this is how we work around the Blooming House. Setting small goals, checking them off, (high fives) and then moving on to the next. And yes, that is how it works. The smallest of accomplishments have become HUGE achievements for us, (with the help and wonderful guidance of Norm of course!) because in the end we did it.

Exhibit A: We were in desperate need of installing some blinds in the living room and dining room on the first floor. Otherwise the neighbors would start questioning 'Who the heck moved in next door and why are they doing the robot in front of the window???'

It's like I have said before, the smallest challenges (i.e. window blinds) have become great celebrations for us. (insert celebration dance here) We now have not one, but THREE big windows blinds installed!

Look at that sense of accomplishment on his face. I believe double high-fives were in order.

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