Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Stroll Down Elm Street, er, I mean Memory Lane

In lieu of the great holiday of Halloween, I thought I would take a look back at all the fun Tommy and I have had together making our costumes (before The Blooming House even existed) and show you some of our Halloween costumes before we, the Mr. & Mrs. even existed! We both have so much fun on this holiday so why not share and show just how much fun?!

The first year that we decked ourselves out was the year we sadly admit we were hooked on a certain trashy television show on VH1 back in 2007. It was a story about how one man was on the journey to find his one true love. But along the way there were cat fights, a mass quantity of women in lack of clothing and many, many laughs of just how trashy these people really were, that we knew we would have to proudly support our guilty pleasure. That year, ladies in gentlemen, we became Bret Michael, lead singer of the 80's hair band, Poison and third place runner up, 'Heather' from the show called ROCK of LOVE.

(courtesy of googles images)

It was just too perfect! We loved how ridiculous these people were and couldn't pass up the opportunity for one night to be them. We thought we'd be taking a chance since we didn't think too many would know who we were dressed up as, but little did we know the Rock craze that year.

Every episode consisted of an elimination ceremony where the girls running to become Bret Michaels' 'rock of love' would get all dressed up. Some like they were getting paid to dance on a pole, if you know what I mean and some like it was a high school homecoming dance, with a mix of the whole pole dancing thing as well. And Bret would one by one drop these train wrecks off the stage by telling them "It was their end of the tour" and take away their "Backstage Passes" as they blurted out profanity for not getting picked .... C'mon! Of course this was all too perfect to poke fun of! We loved every minute of it and actually it was such a big hit that people at the party (that we didn't know) came up to us, asking if they could get their picture taken with us. So apparently we weren't the only ones out there watching this garbage!

OMG - I 'heart' Bret Michaels!

For our 2008's costume I wanted to do something really fun and a little less trashy. We had been searching for the right idea and there it was, a blast from our past and way too funny to pass up. We were going to accept the Double Dare.

This year was pretty easy for costume shopping and preparing for the late 80's family tv show on Nickelodeon. (we side-stepped the trashy tv series this year) All we needed was two tees for me to design an iron-on logo, red sweatpants with the elastic waist and ankles, some knee/elbow pads and tennis shoes. The googles and hats were found online, but what really made the costumes, I thought, was the slime. I found the most perfect, lime green vinyl to give it the whole 'Nickelodeon' effect.

Like the year before, we had a great time and by the end of the night, Tommy tried to smash an egg on my head during a 'Physical Challenge' in the middle of our annual Halloween party that we go to, but the joke was on him because no one knew it was going to be a hard boiled egg.

So, now we move onto 2009. This was a good one. Well, I just think the costumes keep getting better because we love every year of this holiday! We didn't think it had to be a couple's theme, but it just so happened to work out that way again. 

My thought on a couples theme for Halloween costumes work so well because they play off of each other. I couldn't play the trashy 'Heather' without my Bret Michaels. And I certainly wouldn't be anything without my Double Dare partner. The other person just becomes an addition or an accessory to each other's costume. 

We went to our favorite resale shop during the Halloween craze and found this ridiculous red and white polka-dot jacket, equipped with puffy shoulders and lace sleeves. We then decided I was going to have to hunt down a long, red dress because this Valentine's Day baby was going as the Queen of Hearts! Once I found my core pieces for my costume, we decided it would only be fitting for Tommy to go as The Mad Hatter.

Without even thinking of the Alice in Wonderland's remake that year (and not to mention this particular couples costume idea was in the top 10 popular costume ideas) we found the remaining pieces and hoped it would live up to the standards of The Queen of Hearts and The Mad Hatter. After realizing the connection to the movie remake, we decided to go the more cartoon route for the look since the movie had some hard core costumes to live up to!

Being that my birthday is on Valentine's Day, I have always considered myself "The Queen of Hearts" since I have quite the collection of hearts and have been very proud of that special, red day. So I was very much excited about this one.

It's funny to see us standing in front of the wall-o-tools, but here were are again, back in the garage party that we go to every year and have a blast!

We were lucky enough to celebrate and sport our proudly made Halloween costumes to not one, but three costume parties and taking home a winning prize from one of them!

 I felt like a dog coming out of surgery in that collar, but it truly came together so well for pulling a bunch of pieces together and creating one of my favorites!

And here were are, now: October 30th (since the party was on a Saturday) 2010. This was the year that was tough on us for the Halloween planning since we had so much going on this year. We bought a house to start it off in January, a project house that is. And we also got hitched in October so we were planning for a little over a year for that one big day. Lets just say that our enthusiasm for Halloween costume planning fell short, which was a big deal since as you can see we love planning for our Halloweens. 

So there we were on our honeymoon, less than a month (in fact about a couple weeks away!) from this year's Halloween in the beautiful Bahamas when the idea hit Tommy.

We stayed at an all inclusive resort in Nassau where the drinks were cold, the food was coming at you left and right and the staff was amazing! I kept telling him how I loved the costumes that the entertainment dance crew wore when we went to a private island party. And that my friends, is where our costumes became.

With my good friends "Crazy Ray" and Mr. Halloween Costume Inspiration, Tommy came up with the idea of going as professional wrestlers. I have never been a fan, so I was unaware of the reference when he said the neon "fringey" look that I was loving so much was very similar to a beast-of-a-man by the name of "The Ultimate Warrior". 

Umm, Whoa-

I was able to barrow a muscle body suit from a friend, so at least I had that covered, literally! Now the spandex, that was a different situation. I went to my favorite store, JoAnn Fabrics and found the BEST and crazy close-to fabric I could find and made my fringes. But after that was done, I feared the  speedo. I decided to just give it a shot and try and make it since it would be waay too hard to find the right look. After about an hour with my sewing machine, while babysitting (after hours, of course) I kinda took a step back and thought, "Huh, not too bad. Not much there, but not too shabby." I had already found white patent leather boots (crazy, I know!) and just decked it out with all the spandex I could never want.

Now, for Tommy, he wanted to go as "Rowdy Roddy Piper" equipped with his very own kilt. I had to figure out where the heck I was going to find a kilt, BUT again at our favorite resale store for Halloween, I found Grandma's Scottish-plaid, flannel night gown and turned it into a skirt. I didn't think the puffy sleeves and detailing of lace would cut it, so off it all went. Because we were short on time, I agreed for Tommy to order the screen-printed t-shirt off ebay since I wouldn't be able to design and do another iron-on like I had for Double Dare. He had the boots and the knee pads were from Double Dare, so really it was just cutting off handles on an resale bought purse and adding some chains to create his "pouch". The pouch was awesome because I didn't have much "pocket space" you could say for my phone, chap-stick and whatnot so Tommy carried it all in his purse, er I mean pouch!

I had the hardest time getting into character, as you can see with my cheer leading stance.

But it didn't take that long...  :)

And others were there to teach me the way.

So there you have it. A look at all of our costumes since have met and now married. We look forward to Halloween as you can see and we're even more thankful for having such a fun, creative crowd to sport them to every year. We have one or two wins under our costume belts, but this year, I was the Ultimate Winner.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween, we sure did!

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