Wednesday, April 21, 2010

They're Here! They're HERE!

Okay, so we're fully aware that our kitchen appliances have been delivered some time ago, but THEY'RE  HERE!!! We've been busy balancing wedding planning and creating a home with a side of normalcy here and there, but we're back and they're here. In fact they, meaning our brand new shiny appliances (if you haven't caught onto our obsession by now) arrived the beginning of this month. And do they know how to arrive to the party!

Our boys from Warner Stellian arrived in a Pepto-Bismol pink delivery truck aka "The Pink Panther". This big beauty rolled up to The Blooming House, accessorized with a Susan G. Komen logo to match. I don't get the connection between appliances and breast cancer, but they don't need a reason and its another reason why I love Warner Stellian. What a great way to raise awareness, a giant pink delivery truck with two delivery men. Works for me! And just as I'm getting side-tracked on the topic, have I pointed out how easily we get sidetracked at The Blooming House.

Tommy and I have thought this post out thoroughly (all of 30 seconds, as you can see) and Tommy has firmly decided not to show the new gear until the final kitchen makeover reveal. I'm fine by this decision as our new gas range is still unplugged and in the center of the kitchen. So I leave you with this little trivia question:

How many Greenbergs does it take to install a dishwasher?

It was a great day. And as an actual blog update since we have received a fan request for a Blooming House post... (thank you Liz for caring!) We are proud to announce that some new elements will be installed soon. We have our gas guy coming on Friday to convert from electric to, well, gas and our granite guy coming tomorrow to map our counter tops. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Lauren! I just found your blog post when I was searching for some stuff -- I love it! Thanks for the kind words, and the great pictures :) I hope the kitchen project is going well. Send me photos!